Rotation Matrix Converting Matlab Source (Euler Angle, Rotation Matrix, Quanternion)

There are many expression to show the rotation value.
(Ex. : Euler, Matrix, Quaternion.. )

This code is the test source to convert each other.
Euler -> Matrix -> Quanternion -> Matrix -> Euler
We can show the first Euler value is same with the last Euler value.

The source code is like below:

% Rotation vector of x,y,z axis.
Rv = [13 20 50];

% 3x3 matrix of R vector (Results of the Rm1 and Rm2 is similar.)
Rm1 = rodrigues(Rv*pi/180)
Rm2 = mRotMat(Rv)

% Quntenion vector of R matrix
Rq1 = matrix2quaternion(Rm1)
Rq2 = matrix2quaternion(Rm2)

% R matrix of Q vector
Rm1_1 = quaternion2matrix(Rq1)
Rm2_2 = quaternion2matrix(Rq1)

% R vector of R matrix
Rv_1 = rodrigues(Rm1_1(1:3,1:3)) * 180/pi
Rv_2 = rodrigues(Rm2_2(1:3,1:3)) * 180/pi

<Source Code>

The copyright of "rodrigues' and 'quaternion' functions is reserved by Peter Kovesi.

I wish this source code is useful to you.
Thank you.


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