OpenCV morphologyEx, getStructuringElement function example source

This is example source code.

Mat img;
img = imread("moSample.jpg");

Mat element = getStructuringElement(MORPH_RECT, Size(3, 3), Point(1,1) );
Mat rImg;
morphologyEx(img, rImg, CV_MOP_CLOSE, element);
//morphologyEx(img, img, CV_MOP_CLOSE, element); -> It is also ok.


In here
We can set filter box size and center point using getStructuringElement function.
-first parameter has
They show the shape of the filter box.

-second parameter means size of box.
-third parameter means center point of the box.

This picture is result of morphology processing.
using 9x9 box size /  4,4 center

Thank you.


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