(Tip) tbb.dll error

If you meet the the tbb.dll error message box when you compile the project including openCV library.
You can slove this problem.

Go to this web page
Download latest version, and unzip.

Open the makefile.sin as Visual studio, the makefile.sin is located in the "build\vsproject". And Compile.
Then you can get tbb.dll file in the release folder.

This is my compiled tbb.dll file.
download tbb.dll

My environment is Visual Studio 2008, openCv 2.3, Window 7.

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(Tip) Visual Studio Project Renamer Tool

Sometimes, we need to change the project name to other name.
Then this program is very useful.

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Partial differential method of Composite function and multivariate (Chain Rule #1, #2)

Chain Rule #1.

EX) When there are equations,

How to calculate differential about t?

Chain Rule #2



Another example
This example might adapt a problem of the Image optimazation.

I hope this post help you.
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