tip, CString token in MFC

refer to below code.

CString selectedModel;
m_ListBoxOfConnection.GetText(sel, selectedModel);
//selectedModel = "com1,model1,base";

CString comStr;
CString modelStr;
CString optionStr;

AfxExtractSubString(comStr, selectedModel, 0, ',');
AfxExtractSubString(modelStr, selectedModel, 1, ',');
AfxExtractSubString(optionStr, selectedModel, 2, ',');

//comStr = com1
//modelStr = model1
//optionStr = base

Thank you.


small tip, mfc listbox all delete



tip, CString to int, MFC

CString str; 
int integer; 

integer = _wtoi(str); // wide charater formats 
integer = _atoi(str); // otherwise

Thank you~!!


small tip : Convert char * to LPCTSTR


for example

char str[100];
sprintf(str, "str_%d", 100);
CString A = CA2W(str);



stl vector test for pop back and pop front

STL Vector test for pop_back, pop_back_n and pop front.

I wanted to erase first element.
but there is no inner function.
pop_back, pop_back_n is that erase last element in vectors.
The last sample is the method to pop front.

refer to this sample code.

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OpenMP Test on Visual Studio

To use OpenMP on Visual Studio IDE, we should set in tools->options like..

Below code is to calculate pi using loop logic.
There are 5 case code.
0 case is for testing, openMP running well or not.

1 case is no treading, else 2~4 case is some different OpenMP threading case.

I am also not friendly with openMP, so I will refer this code when not remember well.
And I will add more useful technical code..



The result image tells us, OpenMP is certainly faster than no threading.


for each, for_each, for auto - concept clean

Clean up the concept through below examples.

1. normal method : for, iterator

2. for auto loop

3. for each loop

4. for_each

refer to this example

It would be better if I could handle the parallel loop.
This is next time.

Thank you.

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