WebCam Histogram Test, OpenCV

Histogram Test on webcam stream
Refer to below source code..πŸ˜€

test video

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openCV Tip, Calculate overlap percent between two rectangle.

Calculate overlap percent between two rectangle

It is not difficult, we just use bit operator : &, |
for more detail information, refer to below source code.

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Tip, Add 'Vector (b)' to end of 'Vector (a)'

If you have 2 Vector and you want to add Vector b to end of Vector a, refer to below code. (very simple!)

vector< int > a;

vector< int > b;

a.insert(a.end(), b.begin(), b.end());

int count = 0;
for (auto it : a)
printf("a[%d] = %d \n", count++, it);


Tip, How to count number of '0' in element of Matrix(Mat)?

As same with Matlab, we can use inequality ">,<,==,>=,<=".

Firstly, we check equal to '0' or '>0', the result is output to '255' if satisfied.
Divide by 255 then elements have left '0' or '1'
And sum all of the element, then we can get the number of zero.

Source code is here..

Mat a = Mat(5, 5, CV_8UC1);
randn(a, 0, 1);

Mat b = (a == 0) / 255;
Mat c = (a > 0) / 255;

cout << "Input matrix matrix a = " << endl;
cout << a << endl;

cout << "number of 0 = " << sum(b)[0];
cout << ", number of over 0 = " << sum(c)[0] << endl << endl;

cout << "matrix b = " << endl;
cout << b << endl;
cout << "matrix c = " << endl;
cout << c << endl;


Error MSB8031, multi byte character set problem in vs 2013

error MSB8031: Building an MFC project for a non-Unicode character set is deprecated. You must change the project property to Unicode or download an additional library. See http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/p/?LinkId=286820 for more information.

Don't worry about that.
VS 2013 is not support MFC library for MBCS.
They recommend unicode default.

So it can solve easily.
Go below url, download and install.


cvCvtPixToPlane, cvCvtPlaneToPix -> split, merge / example code and explanation

In previous version of oepncv which used iplImage, these functions are used -> cvCvtPixToPlane and cvCvtPlaneToPix.

This article introduces how this functions are used and what to use in the current version.

1. cvCvtPixToPlane

It is same with split function in current version.
So channels of the input image are seperately stored.

ex) old version
iplImage img; //BGR 3 colors image
iplImage B,G,R;
cvCvtPixToPlane(img, B, G, R, NULL);

ex) current version

Mat img; //BGR 3 colors image
vector< Mat > BGR(3);
split(img, BGR);
BGR[0]; //B Mat
BGR[1]; //G Mat
BGR[2]; //R Mat

2. cvCvtPlaneToPix
It is same with mere function in current version.
So each mat is merged into one Mat.

ex) old version

iplImage B,G,R;
iplImage BGR;
cvCvtPlaneToPix(B, G, R, NULL, BGR);

ex) current version
vector< Mat > BGR(3);
Mat img;
merge(BGR, img);

Thank you.

refer to gpu version split and merge example :


tip, CString token in MFC

refer to below code.

CString selectedModel;
m_ListBoxOfConnection.GetText(sel, selectedModel);
//selectedModel = "com1,model1,base";

CString comStr;
CString modelStr;
CString optionStr;

AfxExtractSubString(comStr, selectedModel, 0, ',');
AfxExtractSubString(modelStr, selectedModel, 1, ',');
AfxExtractSubString(optionStr, selectedModel, 2, ',');

//comStr = com1
//modelStr = model1
//optionStr = base

Thank you.