Two Image mosaic (paranoma) based on SIFT / C++ source (OpenCV) / SIFT 특징 추출기를 이용한 두장의 영상을 모자익(파라노마) 영상으로 만들기

Created Date : 2011.2
Language : C/C++
Tool : Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Library & Utilized : OpenCV 2.2
Reference : Interent Reference
etc. : 2 adjacent images

two adjacent iamges

Feature extraction by Surf(SIFT)

Feature matching

Mosaic (paranoma)

This program is conducted as follow process.
First, the program finds feature point in each image using SURF.
Second, feature points on each images is matched by similarity.
Third, We get the Homography matrix.
Last, we warp the image for attaching into one image.

You can download source here.
If you have good idea or advanced opinion, please reply me.
Thank you.


이웃된 두 장의 영상을 입력 받아 하나의 모자이크 영상(파라노마)으로 만든다.
특징 추출 및 비교 방법 : suft ->cvExtractSURF
특징 매칭 방법 : FindMatchingPoints
호모그라피 행렬 구하기 : cvFindHomography
영상 모자이크 방법 : warpping

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