OpenCV Stitching example (Stitcher class, Panorama)

Image size of origin is 320*240. 

Processing time is 30.96 second took.

    The result of stitching

The result is pretty good. but, processing time is too much takes.

My computer spec is that.. (This is vmware system. The main system is mac book air 2013, i7 8bg)

The source code is very easy.
I think if we use stitching algorithm in realtime, we should be programing by GPU.

#include < stdio.h >  
#include < opencv2\opencv.hpp >  
#include < opencv2\stitching\stitcher.hpp >

#ifdef _DEBUG  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_core246d.lib")   
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_imgproc246d.lib")   //MAT processing  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_highgui246d.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_stitching246d.lib");

#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_core246.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_imgproc246.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_highgui246.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_stitching246.lib");

using namespace cv;  
using namespace std;

void main()  
 vector< Mat > vImg;
 Mat rImg;

 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S1.jpg") );
 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S2.jpg") );
 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S3.jpg") );
 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S4.jpg") );
 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S5.jpg") );
 vImg.push_back( imread("./stitching_img/S6.jpg") );

 Stitcher stitcher = Stitcher::createDefault();

 unsigned long AAtime=0, BBtime=0; //check processing time
 AAtime = getTickCount(); //check processing time

 Stitcher::Status status = stitcher.stitch(vImg, rImg);

 BBtime = getTickCount(); //check processing time 
 printf("%.2lf sec \n",  (BBtime - AAtime)/getTickFrequency() ); //check processing time

 if (Stitcher::OK == status) 
  imshow("Stitching Result",rImg);
  printf("Stitching fail.");




N image, realtime stitching.
source code:
how to work:

2 image stitching.
basic principal on vidoe(code and explanation):
basic principal on image(code and explanation):

I have decided to sell source code ^^
If you have interest, go to here, you can buy source code.
Thank you very much!!


  1. Saludos muy bueno el artรญculo. Faltarรญa la imagen 4.

  2. Anonymous2/2/14 20:22

    great blog mare! thank for your sharing

  3. Thank you very much~!! ^^

  4. The code work well when I stitched using only two of your images, but gave the following errors when used more than 2 image.

    First-chance exception at 0x5baa677a in TEST_CV.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000004.

    First-chance exception at 0x756d9617 in TEST_CV.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: tbb::captured_exception at memory location 0x0012eaf4..

    Unhandled exception at 0x756d9617 in TEST_CV.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: tbb::captured_exception at memory location 0x0012eaf4..

    Please help me in fixing that.

  5. Can you send me the image files? I will test on my computer. Thank you.
    My email is feelmare@gmail.com

  6. Badrullami17/3/14 07:31

    It's great code.... but I have problem with image that captured with fisheye lens.. how to stitch that images? any suggestions?

  7. In my opinion, case of fisheye lens, you should do undistortion processing first.
    refer to this page -> http://www.kscottz.com/fish-eye-lens-dewarping-and-panorama-stiching/

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  9. it is great code ,,,, but can you help me how can i stitching video files together ???

  10. Real-time video stitching is little bit different with image.
    Big problem is proccesing time is late.
    In order to implementation, Structure must be sperate of online and offline calculation part.

    Please refer to the source code "stitching_detailed.cpp" of Opencv samples

    I made real-time stitching program but I am difficult to share the code.
    Because the source code is owned by my company.

    refer to this video.

    Thank you.

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  12. I have used the same code and it is running fine sometimes. But if I run it continuously more than two times, it is crashing.. giving the following error.
    Access violation reading location 0x0000000000000008. and it the cursor is pointing to
    pChore->m_pFunction(pChore); in Chores.cpp file.

    When I ran using 640x480 size images, the application is generating panorama for 2 images and crashing some times for the same set of images. Moreover it is not able to run for more than 2 images.

    Can you please let me know why it is happening like this?

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    2. hi , i faced same problem .... but when i using small images (320*240) for example , it will be correctly done .

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  14. Anonymous14/3/16 00:51

    Hi, I have some problems when using the stitcher, maybe you can help me. I guess I'll remit to you personally by mail with the image. Thank you in advance.

    1. I test your image
      and upload code to github

      Check output.jpg file
      and code

      Thank you.

    2. Anonymous15/3/16 00:36

      Thank you for your quick reply. It's strange your code is similar to mine and mine is not working properly. I´m using VS2013 as well, but OpenCV 3.1.0 x64 without Gpu, while you are using OpenCV 2.4.9 with Gpu. Do you know if the reason of my artifacts has to to with any of these three differences?

    3. I think default option is different.

    4. Anonymous15/3/16 04:18

      Default option looks similar (GraphCutSeamFinder(CostColor), BlocksGainCompensator and MultibandBlender after registration). Could it be due to any change in any of these blocks (probably multiband blender), that is messing up everything in the new version of OpenCV?

  15. Anonymous15/4/16 15:17

    Hi, There was a run-time error on my PC. It says, "Unhandled exception at 0x00871BDA (opencv_imgproc2412d.dll) in T3.exe: 0xC000001D: Illegal Instruction." I use VS2012 and opencv2.4.12. Could you please help me?

    1. I don't know about this error.
      Please check build option 32bit, 64bit.
      lib build condition. gpu include?
      function usage different in another opencv version?

    2. you can try in release type, it will be fine!

  16. Anonymous29/4/16 00:10

    i pasted this code in geany editor. compilation error ocured/home/aftab/Pictures/Screenshot from 2016-04-29 00:03:43.png

  17. Hi Mare, thanks for the code. I used your exact code on my machine and fed the same set of input images, but my resulting image wasn't complete like yours. It looks like it did some stitching but not completely. Any ideas what may be wrong? Thanks!

  18. Your code has 6 input images.
    But there are only 5 pictures.
    I tried running the program using your code.
    Pictures 5 and 6 do not appear in the execution window.

    And the input image was replaced with another image. But stitching failed.

    1. It is example of Stitcher in OpenCV library.
      It is very simple code, if you input overlap images.
      If a common feature can not be found in the image, stitching may fail.

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  20. Hi you know any example of stitching but with the opossite perspective.
    Something like this:


    My intention to carry out an inspection of labels in metal cans.

    Thanks in advance

  21. Anonymous6/3/17 19:08

    Dear Mare! you're really doing nice job. Please let me know about your platform specification while executing your code for stitching images.
    Hope to hearing from you soon.

    Abdul Wahab

    1. I am using window os, and visuals studio.
      this code is standard code, so opencv version, platform(32/64), cuda version.. is not specification.
      Thank you.

  22. Hello,

    I am using opencv 3.2 version with visual stuio 2017 and I am getting some errors.Could you please suggest me how should we resolve these errors so that it works on my software platform.

  23. hi i am student and i am trying to do real time video stitching as my project but i don't even know the basics of the stitching and all those stuff can you help me with my project please. please send me your email address.to my mail (itachi.s.a4@gmail.com)

  24. Anonymous25/1/21 23:06


    I want to create a long panorama from video feed by breaking into frames adn then stitching. The final image I am getting is very blurry on one side. I think its warping too much. Can you help me? I will sen dyou the sourc code and image output. Can you take a look at it?