Serial communication(RS232C) source code (for wince and window)

The serial communication code is different for winCE and window.

In particular, Windows ce is attaching colon like 'com1:' an attempt to connect.

This attached code is very useful to start.

But comment is korean.


There are two folders. one is for wince, second is for window.

This source can be directly applied to the project.

Thank you.


CString to char*

//CString -> char *
CString str;
str = "hello";
char * chr = LPSTR(LPCTSTR(str));

//char * -> CString
char chr[] = "hello";
CString str;
str.Format("%s", ss);


prolific usb to serial cable driver

prolific usb to serial cable driver

This url is my amazon cloud driver.

(tip) CCriticalSection in WinCE

For using CCriticalSection, this header file need in WinCE.

#include < afxmt.h >
CCriticalSection m_critic;