Fast face detection using AdaBoost+Camshift combined Algorithm / C++ Soruce (OpenCV) / AdaBoost + CamShift 알고리즘을 결합한 고속 얼굴 검출

Created Date : 2007.1
Language : C/C++
Tool : Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Library & Utilized : OpenCV 1.0
Reference : Learning OpenCV Book
etc. : web cam need

This program is fast face detection that is made by combining AdaBoost+CamShift Algrithm.
AdaBoost Algorithm is good method to detect some trained object.
But AdaBoost is weak to track the object.
So I combined the CamShift algorithm for tracking.
This algorithm is running like below flow chart.
When the porocess is intergration mode, It run 2 times more speed.
You can download this source -> <source code>
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AdaBoost + CAMShift 알고리즘을 결합한 실시간 고속 얼굴 검출 소스코드
웹캠 연결 필요 / openCV 1.0 설치 필요
(소스코드 + 실행파일 + openCV 1.0(openCV를 이용함))

AdaBoost 알고리즘은 얼굴/비얼굴을 판별하는 분류기로써
실시간에서 얼굴을 검출하기 위해서는 전 영역을 스캔해야하는 비효율이 있다.
Camsfhit 알고리즘은 meanShift 색분할 알고리즘을 실시간에서 object tracking을 위하여 개발한 알고리즘이다.

저자는 AdaBoost 알고리즘의 얼굴 검출과 CAMshift 의 tracking을 결합하여 고속 얼굴 검출 프로그램을 구현하였다.
<검출 + 트래킹 + 업데이트>의 방법으로 프로그램이 동작함
실험결과 약 2배 빠른 검출 속도를 보인다.

=== 인터페이스 ====
검출모드 선택 : AdaBoost 검출 / intergration(결합방법) 검출
최소 얼굴 크기 설정
검출 업데이트 threshold 결정 박스

소스는 여기서 다운 받을 수 있습니다. <source code>


  1. very nice work, congratulations. It is so much important to develop a vision system (for example, in HRI, it could be used for a robot vision system with a face recognition algorithm too)

  2. Sir i have doubt in this..how to execute the software that is shown above video??please help me..

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Did you set your coomputer environment same with me?
    As you can see on my article, the source code is maed by vs 6.0 and OpenCV 1.0.
    And need webcam.

    Please check again.
    Thank you.

  4. thanks man for your source code..
    Its great ..

    Now we can make changes and should go for features like face detection screen lock for laptops

    1. Nice work, but i am working on visual studio10 and opencv2.4.3 so what need to be changed my program.

  5. jeong hyun kim,
    it was really anice work, i need to know what need to be changed of your program as i am working on vs 10 and opencv 2.4.3.

  6. I think it is hard to run this source code in your environment directly.
    Because this source code is made my dialog based mfc of vs 6.0 version and also opencv version is very low.
    I think the fast way is making new project in vs 10 and refer to this source code.
    I'm sorry.