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(source code)Camera Pan/Tilt using Servo motor, control by arduino

Download the Arduino software -> go to the page
Download usb driver -> go to the page

My environment is Window 7 64 bit.
Arduino version is Mega ADK.
If you are same equipment and window, download this file directly.


OpenGL 2 Views(windows) on MFC - Source code

It is a source code to make 2 views(windows) of openGL on MFC dialog.

Download this source code here.
This source code is applied by OpenGL Drawing test on MFC post on this site.


source code - OpenGL Drawing on MFC dlg(using COpenGLControl class)

This  post introduces how to drawing opengl on the mfc dialog.
If we are using COpenGLControl class, this work is very easy and simple.

Fi rstly, get the COpenGLControl class in the web or on this.

1. In the ~Dlg.h, Add header file and member variable

#include "OpenGLControl.h"
COpenGLControl m_oglWindow;

2. Add below source code in the OnInitDialog() function.

CRect rect;
// Get size and position of the template textfield we created before in the dialog editor
// Convert screen coordinates to client coordinates
// Create OpenGL Control window
m_oglWindow.oglCreate(rect, this);
// Setup the OpenGL Window's timer to render
m_oglWindow.m_unpTimer = m_oglWindow.SetTimer(1, 1, 0);

* You have to set picture box option as "Visible is False".

The source code is here.


Contour compare using OpenCV(source code), cvFindContours, cvMatchShapes

There is shape match function in the OpenCV.
The function name is cvMatchShapes.
This function compares two contours.
If two contours is same, the function returns 0.
conversely, the value of return is larger, more shape different.
So, we use threshold to decide these pair is similar or not.


code start

code end

#findcontour, #contour, #compare

source coude