Stop window update process in force

Open powershell by admin 

and put this on terminal

net stop wuauserv #stop service update
net stop bits #stop bits
Remove-Item -Path "C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\*" -Recurse -Force
net start wuauserv #restart 
net start bits #restart

You can do something else after stop bits, service update.

Thank you.


Embedding invisible water mark on image

 Firstly, install opencv

pip install opencv-python numpy

code for invisible water mark embedding 

import cv2
import numpy as np

def embed_watermark(image_path, watermark, output_path):
# Load the image
img = cv2.imread(image_path)
# Ensure the image is in 3 channels RGB
if img.shape[2] != 3:
print("Image needs to be RGB")
# Prepare the watermark
# For simplicity, the watermark is repeated to match the image size
watermark = (watermark * (img.size // len(watermark) + 1))[:img.size]
watermark = np.array(list(watermark), dtype=np.uint8).reshape(img.shape)
# Embed watermark by altering the least significant bit
img_encoded = img & ~1 | (watermark & 1)
# Save the watermarked image
cv2.imwrite(output_path, img_encoded)
print("Watermarked image saved to", output_path)

# Usage
embed_watermark('path_to_your_image.jpg', 'your_watermark_text', 'watermarked_image.jpg')

retrive code

def extract_watermark(watermarked_image_path, original_image_path, output_path):
# Load the watermarked and the original image
img_encoded = cv2.imread(watermarked_image_path)
img_original = cv2.imread(original_image_path)

# Extract the watermark by comparing the least significant bits
watermark = img_encoded & 1 ^ img_original & 1
watermark = (watermark * 255).astype(np.uint8) # Scale to 0-255 for visibility

# Save or display the extracted watermark
cv2.imwrite(output_path, watermark)
print("Extracted watermark saved to", output_path)

# Usage
extract_watermark('watermarked_image.jpg', 'path_to_your_image.jpg', 'extracted_watermark.jpg')