Real-time stitching multi-video to one screen

* Introduction

- The solution shows panorama image from multi images. The panorama images is processing by real-time stitching algorithm.

- Each cameras has a limited field of view, but the solution can be monitoring large areas from merged into a panorama image.

- The performance is excellent with the following technical configuration.
 . real time image processing using GPU.
 . Accurate calculation of R, T, K (Rotation, Translation, Camera intrinsic) between each camera with nonlinear optimization
 . Color calibration using the exposure blending

- The solution can be applied efficiently and easy in Military Region, tourist attractions, intersections, ports

* Real-time N to 1 stitching algorithm

- Existing stitching algorithm is modified to separate 2 parts of offline and online processing for more efficient realtime processing.

- The Off-Line processing part is calculated first time or if the matching inaccurate. 

- On-Line processing part is a routine to create the panoramic image by warping (Warping) calculated by the matching, the blending value.

No ordered input images

- Feature extraction and to calculate the homography matrix between each image by evaluating (RANSAC), and set image position through matching rate.
- To get correct R, T using bundle adjustment

- Searching the overlap region, the blending coefficient is determined with respect to the non-overlapping region.

- Obtained R, T, K, and connected by warping the images and blending and complete the panorama finally

* Experiment

- 4 real-time video stitching speed of about 10~20 fps (Intel® core™ i5-3570 cpu 3.40GHz, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650)

See the result on youtube


  1. Hi, how can you use STITCHER class with gpu? i tried to build openCV 3.1 with cuda. I set "Stitcher stitch = Stitcher::createDefault(true); " but the function "stitch" reported an error

    1. This is not gpu mode. However, I used this class in version 2.4.7
      refer to this url


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