Real-time N camera stitching Class.

As you can see in the following video,
I created a class that stitching n cameras in real time.

refer to this label, about stitching in my blog.

The class name is CMareStitching.
This class was created to stitching_detailed examples of opencv by referencing.
So if you try, everybody can create this result.

The principle of class ... it is the main idea of ​​separating the calculation online and offline calculations such as url.

Main part to use this class is as follows.
< gist code start >

< gist code end >

First enter the index to camera stitching.
Press "p" is a real-time panoramic image after matching relations calculation.
Pressing "r" again return to the camera image.
It is quit by pressing the "q".

When you press a key it must be pressed on the video screen active.
The command window active, and not input the key.

As you see the main source code, there is no easy interface only code. so, you have to modify the code for your purpose, ex) the camera number.

The project code is uploaded privately on github but not free.
Why not share FREE asked, 2 reasoning, an little effort of me and Fundraising operating costs of blog(for other planed project)... very Sorry.

Below url is header, lib, dll files for developing.
You have to set path in visual studio.

And this url is demo files. you can test to download.
The url includes execute file and related dlls.

And this project coded by win32, opencv 249, visual studio 2012.

Thank you.

VideoCapture, CMareStitching, stitching, realtime stitching


  1. Hello, Mare,
    the following video is in your private channel, not for public viewing.

    I am planning to do something similar, so I am interested in your video.
    By the way, Great job!

    1. Thank you for your interest.
      url has been modified

  2. Hello Mare,

    I´ve got a question. When an object passes near the cameras, is the homography lost?

    Tx u and congrats, you have done a great job

    1. The homography matrix is calculated only once through the captured image from cameras.
      After routine, stitching is doing using the homography matrix.
      Thank you.


  3. Error (active) E1696 cannot open source file "MareStitching.h" how i can resolve it