any 4 points odering by leftTop, RightTop, RightBottom, LeftBottom

We may wish to know the order in lt, rt, rb, lb, for any of the four points.
This example is that for this case.

And see the source code operation in video

//#include < time.h>  
#include < opencv2\opencv.hpp>  
//#include < opencv2\gpu\gpu.hpp>  
//#include < opencv2\stitching\detail\matchers.hpp >
#include < string>  
#include < stdio.h>  
//#include < queue>

#ifdef _DEBUG          
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_core249d.lib")  
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_imgproc249d.lib")   //MAT processing  
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_gpu249d.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_highgui249d.lib")
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_objdetect249d.lib")
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_calib3d249d.lib") 
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_nonfree249d.lib") 
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_features2d249d.lib") 
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_core249.lib")  
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_imgproc249.lib")  
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_gpu249.lib")  
#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_highgui249.lib")
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_objdetect249.lib")
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_calib3d249.lib") 
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_nonfree249.lib") 
//#pragma comment(lib, "opencv_features2d249.lib") 

using namespace std;  
using namespace cv;  

static void onMouse( int event, int x, int y, int, void* );
Point2f roi4point[4]={0,};
int roiIndex=0;
bool oksign = false;

Point2f MinDistFind(float x, float y, Point2f* inPoints);
void PointOrderbyConner(Point2f* inPoints, int w, int h );

int main()  
 //image loading
 char fileName[100] = "./road-ahead.jpg";

 Mat GetImg = imread( fileName );
 //copy for drawing
 Mat RoiImg;
 namedWindow( "set roi by 4 points", 0 );  

 //mouse callback
 setMouseCallback( "set roi by 4 points", onMouse, 0 );  
 //point selection until 4 points setting

  if(oksign == true) //right button click

  //draw point
  RoiImg = GetImg.clone();
  for(int i=0; i< roiIndex; ++i)
   circle(RoiImg, roi4point[i], 5,CV_RGB(255,0,255),5);
  imshow("set roi by 4 points", RoiImg);

 printf("points ordered by LT, RT, RB, LB \n");
 PointOrderbyConner(roi4point, GetImg.size().width,  GetImg.size().height);
 for(int i=0; i< 4; ++i)
  printf("[%d] (%.2lf, %.2lf) \n",i, roi4point[i].x, roi4point[i].y );

 RoiImg = GetImg.clone();
 string TestStr[4]={"LT","RT","RB","LB"};  
 putText(RoiImg, TestStr[0].c_str(), roi4point[0], CV_FONT_NORMAL, 1, Scalar(255,255,255));
 circle(RoiImg, roi4point[0], 3,CV_RGB(0,0,255));
 int i;
 for(i=1; i< roiIndex; ++i)
  line(RoiImg, roi4point[i-1], roi4point[i], CV_RGB(255,0,0),1 );
  circle(RoiImg, roi4point[i], 1,CV_RGB(0,0,255),3);  
  putText(RoiImg, TestStr[i].c_str(), roi4point[i], CV_FONT_NORMAL, 1, Scalar(255,255,255));

 line(RoiImg, roi4point[0], roi4point[i-1], CV_RGB(255,0,0),1 );
 imshow("set roi by 4 points2", RoiImg);


void PointOrderbyConner(Point2f* inPoints, int w, int h )

 vector< pair< float, float> > s_point;
 for(int i=0; i< 4; ++i)
  s_point.push_back( make_pair(inPoints[i].x, inPoints[i].y) );

 sort(s_point.begin(), s_point.end(), [](const pair< float, float>& A, const pair< float, float>& B){ return A.second < B.second; } );

 if( s_point[0].first < s_point[1].first )
  inPoints[0].x = s_point[0].first;
  inPoints[0].y = s_point[0].second;

  inPoints[1].x = s_point[1].first;
  inPoints[1].y = s_point[1].second;

  inPoints[0].x = s_point[1].first;
  inPoints[0].y = s_point[1].second;

  inPoints[1].x = s_point[0].first;
  inPoints[1].y = s_point[0].second;

 if( s_point[2].first > s_point[3].first )
  inPoints[2].x = s_point[2].first;
  inPoints[2].y = s_point[2].second;

  inPoints[3].x = s_point[3].first;
  inPoints[3].y = s_point[3].second;

  inPoints[2].x = s_point[3].first;
  inPoints[2].y = s_point[3].second;

  inPoints[3].x = s_point[2].first;
  inPoints[3].y = s_point[2].second;



static void onMouse( int event, int x, int y, int, void* )  
    if( event == CV_EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN && oksign==false)
  //4 point select
   for(int i=0; i< 4; ++i)
    roi4point[i].x = roi4point[i].y =0;

  roi4point[roiIndex].x = x;
  roi4point[roiIndex].y = y;

  //point coordinate print
  printf("-(%..2lf,%.2lf), 2:(%.2lf,%.2lf), 3:(%.2lf,%.2lf), 4:(%.2lf,%.2lf)\n",  
   roi4point[0].x, roi4point[0].y,roi4point[1].x, roi4point[1].y,roi4point[2].x, roi4point[2].y,roi4point[3].x, roi4point[3].y );  

  //set point.
  if(roiIndex == 4)
   oksign = true;
   printf("Warping Start!!!\n");



After 4 points selection, click Right button on the mouse, then ordering start.
PointOrderbyConner function is main function for ordering any points to lt, rt, rb, lb.
The logic is..

1. sorted in descending order with respect to the y-coordinate.
2. at 2 coordinates of top in sorted vectors,
   finding min x value coordinate in 2 vectors, min is LT, lager is RT.
2. at 2 coordinates of bottom in sorted vectors,
   finding min x value coordinate in 2 vectors, min is LB, lager is RB.

sorry, my low English skill.
See source code more detail.


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