Determining whether the facial is camouflage or not / C++ source (OpenCV) / 얼굴 위장 여부 판별

Created Date : 2008.1
Language : C/C++
Tool : Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
Library & Utilized : OpenCV 1.0
Reference : Learning OpenCV Book
etc. : web cam need

This program determines whether the face is camouflage or not.
The program can use ATM or entrance for security.
First, The program find if there is a face or not.
If there is a face, then this program determines the face is disguised or not.
To determine a disguised face use template matching with previously prepared eye, mouth image.

The meaning of the "검출 안됨" is there is not a face.
The meaning of the "얼굴 정상" is there is a face and face is normality.
The meaning of the "얼굴 비정상" is that a face is camouflage.

You can download entire source here - > <Source Code>

The principal functions of this program are 'cvHarrDetectObjects', 'cvMatchTemplate', 'cvMinMaxLoc'.

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OpenCV의 얼굴 검출과 눈,입의 템플릿 매칭을 이용 얼굴 검출 여부, 얼굴 검출후 안면 위장 여부를 판별한다.
주요 함수 : cvHaarDetectObjects, cvMatchTemplate, cvMinMaxLoc
여기에서 전체 소스를 다운 받을 수 있습니다. ->  <Source Code>
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