(TIP) Be careful when you use this type "unsigned long long type"

Firstly, refer to this webpage(http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2844/how-do-you-printf-an-unsigned-long-long-int)

unsigned long long -> %llu

When you use this type -> unsigned long long llType;
You have to be careful when you use :printf, fprintf, sprintf...
you have to use "%llu".
ex) printf("%llu", llType);

Or, You will meet this problem.

unsigned long long int num = 285212672; 
int normalInt = 5;      
printf("My number is %d bytes wide and its value is %ul. A normal number is %d.\n", sizeof(num), num, normalInt);

Output : 
My number is 8 bytes wide and its value is 285212672l. A normal number is 0.

I takes about 2hours to solve this problem...


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