Mesh Grid Tool, Surfer program

If you have x,y,z 3D point data. 
For example ..
1.22 2.22 3.22
1.322 6.22 2.22
1.42 3.22 1.22
1.522 1.22 4.22
1.22 3.22 2.22

I want to plot 3D surface in matlab.
But It is very hart because the data is too large. The number of data is 1176764.
And The interval of data is not regular.
So to make map(matrix) for plotting is very hard.
and even when I make map(matrix), Matlab did not work because 'out of memory'.

The method to solve is using sufer 9 tool.
We can get mesh grid easy.

The method to use..
Firstly, Get Surfer 9 program.

In the menu. Select Grid ->  Data
Choose your xyz.txt File.
And Open.

In Option window, normally there is no need to set up.
So just click 'OK'

Also 'OK'
then the tool will be working to make grid. After making grid, you can see report.
and then Open your grid file.
In menu, map -> new ->  3D wireframe


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