OpenCV Video Writer example source code (VideoWriter function)

This is video writer example source code.
This source code was used from video load & display.

//file load
 VideoCapture capture(".\\video.avi");
 Mat frame;

 //Set properties
 int askFileTypeBox=0; //-1 is show box of codec
 int Color = 1;
 Size S = Size( (int)capture.get(CV_CAP_PROP_FRAME_WIDTH), 

 //make output video file
 VideoWriter outVideo;".\\outVideo.avi", askFileTypeBox, capture.get(CV_CAP_PROP_FPS), S, Color);

 if( !capture.isOpened() )
  printf("AVI file can not open.\n");
 //create window
  //grab frame from file & throw to Mat
  capture >> frame;
  if(frame.empty() ) //Is video end?
  //processing example
  outVideo << frame;
  //display and delay
  imshow("w", frame);
  if(waitKey(10) > 0)


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