Matlab coder simple test and practical use in Visual studio

Matlab coder is the tool that convert matlab code into C/C++.
If you very glad immediately to hear this, You will sympathize the needs with me.

This post is simple test that how to use matlab coder and how to utilize in the Visual studio.
see below video, then you will be able to very easily know.

1. make matlab function

2. execute matlab coder app in matlab app tab

 3. set file of project name.

4. set input parameter data type

 5. set static  c/c++ library and check code generate.

6. in more setting,
no check support non finite numbers in speed tab for non-necessary code no generation.
,no check make option, and check language c -> c++

7. build and view report.

8. Create empty project in VS, add generated c++ file to project
   function call and test.

See this video more detail.

note!, in the video, mex option selection is wrong action, static c/c++ library selection is right.


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    1. What is the more convenient way to use MATLAB work in c ++?

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