docker command summarise

stop all containers:
docker kill $(docker ps -q)

remove all containers
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)

remove all docker images
docker rmi $(docker images -q)

access(enter) docker container
docker exec -it docker_container_name sh

Exit from docker container

Commit container and build image
docker commit container_name image_name
ex) docker commit lambdapack lambda_image
ex) docker commit lambdapack marearts/lambda_image:v1.0.0

Docker build
>docker build --tag hello:0.1 .
>docker build --tag marearts/hello:0.1 .

Docker run shell and tunnelling 
>docker run -v $(pwd):/outputs --name nickname -d docker_image tail -f /dev/null
>docker run -v $(pwd):/outputs --name lambdapackgen2 -d marearts/awspy:0.1 tail -f /dev/null

Docker run shell

> docker run -it marearts/amazon_linux_py36:v1.0.0 /bin/bash

Docker run sh file in container
>docker exec -i -t container_name /bin/bash /outputs/shfile.sh
>docker exec -i -t lambdapackgen2 /bin/bash /outputs/buildPack_py3.sh

Restart Docker container
>docker restart <container id or name>
docker restart 59

it will be updated..

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