PIL to string, string to PIL (python)

It's simple example source code for that:

PIL to string(base64)
- PIL open image
- image to byte
- byte to string (base64)

string(base64) to PIL
- string to byte
- PIL load byte

import base64
import io
from PIL import Image

#open file using PIL
pil_img = Image.open('IMG_0510.jpg')
width, height = pil_img.size
print(width, height)

#get image data as byte
buffer = io.BytesIO()
pil_img.save(buffer, format=pil_img.format)
buffer_value = buffer.getvalue()

#byte to string
base64_str = base64.b64encode(buffer_value)

#read string to image buffer
buffer2 = base64.b64decode(base64_str)
pil_img2 = Image.open(io.BytesIO(buffer2))
width2, height2 = pil_img2.size
print(width2, height2)

#check first & second image

here, another source code for :
OpenCV -> PIL -> resize -> OpenCV


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