(Window 2008) disable port 80 on the window 2008 os

I have to close the programs using port 80 to setup APM(Apache, PHP, Mysql)
But I cannot find which program use port 80 on the window 2008 environment.

After a long time later, I figured out the solution.
The method is like that

Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Services to find information about the following 'stop'
Properties in 'Manual' to change.

World Wide Web Publishing Service
SQL Server Integration Services 10.0
SQL Server Reporting Services (MSSQL SERVER)

If not this should not conflict with port 80, the user of MS SQL

1. Start> Programs> Microsoft SQL Server 2008> Configuration Tools> Reporting Services Configuration Manager, run
2. Server Connection
3. In the left menu 'Web service URL', the right to use port 80. -> Change to a different port

good luck~!!


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