(python study) C Module for using in python using distutils (and Unable to find vcvarsall.bat problem)

The method to make C module for using in python using Visual Studio IDE is introduced on the http://feelmare.blogspot.kr/2014/02/python-study-c-module-for-using-in.html

In this page, I will introduce to make c module using distutils.
The method to use distutils is more simple than VS version.

Firstly, we have to make setup.py file like this.

# -*- coding:  cp949 -*-
# python
# install method : setup.py install
# setup.py -help

#from distutils.core import setup, Extension
from distutils.core import setup, Extension
spam_mod = Extension('spam', sources = ['spammodule.c'])
setup (name = "spam",
      version = "1.0",
      description = "A sample extension module",
      ext_modules = [spam_mod],

type "python setup.py install" on the command line.

Note, python.exe, setup.py, spammodule.c is placed in same folder.

After running, Our .pyd (lib) is made in the python\Lib\site-packages

Now, we can import spam 

If you meet "unable to find vcvarsall.bat" error, dont be worry, 't is not serious error.
I also meet this error and solve.

The problem is occurred python find vs 9.0 version even though my computer installed vs 11. 
so correct this miss-match.

firstly, try this method 

if you cannot solve error
try this method
open python/Lib/distutils/msvc9compiler.py
and modify code like figure.

I solved this error by second method.

good luck~!!

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