OpenCV video capture (using VideoCapture, Mat class)

The method to video capture using VideoCapture function and Mat class.

Source code is..

void main()
 VideoCapture stream1(1);   //0 is the id of video device.0 if you have only one camera
 if (!stream1.isOpened()) { //check if video device has been initialised
  cout << "cannot open camera";


 //unconditional loop
 while (true) {
  Mat cameraFrame;; //get one frame form video
  imshow("Origin", cameraFrame);

  Sobel(cameraFrame, cameraFrame, CV_8U, 1, 0); //sobel processing

  if (waitKey(30) >= 0)


Reference this page
The method to capture video using cvCaptureFromCAM
And reference to set opencv and know basic code structure.

This source code is referenced from ""

Thank you.


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