Real-time yard trailer identification by detection of vehicle ID numbers

Real-time yard trailer identification by detection of vehicle ID numbers

Project period : (2013.09~2013.11)

• Y/T(Yard Trailer) Y/T(Yard Trailer) number identification solution using image processing.
• The solution using camera is easy to installation and maintance compare to the RFID. And It is more free from distance constraint.
• Machine learning methods - SVM (Support Vector Machine), MLP (Multi Layers Perceptron) are used to recognize the number ID
• A high-speed image processing through the GPU parallel programming

*Real-time pre-processing for features extraction
• The process of preprocessing for ID number extraction
-In the first step, we apply different filters, morphological operations, contour algorithms, and validations to retrieve those parts of the image that could have targeted region.
-Especially, we targeted to detect a ventilating opening instead of number ID, because that target is less shape change than the 3 characters of number ID.

*Vehicle Identification
• HOG(Histogram of gradient) feature extraction and SVM machine learning to detect a ventilating opening

• Each segmented character is to extract the features for training and classifying the MLP algorithm
• The feature is horizontal, vertical histogram values from 5x5 low resolution image.

• Recognition rate over the 95%
• Detection speed about 0.05 sec/frame (Image size : 1280x720, Intel® core™ i5-3570 cpu 3.40GHz, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 650)
• The trailer enter speed about 20~30 km/h

#include < stdio.h>

#include "ShinPortOCR.h"

void main()

 ShinPortOCR cShinPortOCR;

 //printf("연속으로 읽을 이미지 파일 갯수? (ex:10 -> ./data/1.jpg, ./data/2.jpg ... ./data/10.jpg) \n");
 printf("How many images do you want to test? (ex:100, 500,  1630\n");
 int num;
 scanf_s("%d", &num);

 int p = 0, n = 0;
 char str[100];
 for (int i = 0; i< num; ++i)
  printf("%d/%d\n", i, num);

  sprintf_s(str, "./data/%d.jpg", i + 1);
  Mat inImg = imread(str, 1);//, CV_LOAD_IMAGE_GRAYSCALE);
  Mat OutImg; 
  if (cShinPortOCR.GoGoXing(inImg, OutImg, 1) == -111) //1 is debug print, 0 is no dubug out
   sprintf_s(str, ".\\Log\\fail\\%d.jpg", i + 1);
   imwrite(str, inImg);
   sprintf_s(str, ".\\Log\\success\\%d.jpg", i + 1);
   imwrite(str, inImg);

  sprintf_s(str, ".\\Log\\processing\\%d.jpg", i + 1);
  imwrite(str, OutImg);

  imshow("result", OutImg);



Source code is here

you can down opencv dll/lib/header files on here
opencv 249 64bit cuda 60


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