Multi View Face Detection / C++, OpenCV / 다중뷰 얼굴 검출

Created Date : 2008.1
Language : C++
Tool : Visual C++ 6.0
Library & Utilized : OpenCV 1.0
Reference : AdaBoost Algorithm, Learning OpenCV Book
Etc. : webcam

This source code is Multi-View Face detection.
The program detects variable view of face those are front, 45, 90 and rotated.
There are learned xml files that is made by AdaBoost Algorithm.
Each xml files are the result of learning of front, 45, 90.
Simultaneously, All detectors are running.

I lost this code in the old days. So uploaded source code may be not run well. because it is not last version source code. But It will be useful because the code include same concept.

<source code>

If you have good idea or advanced opinion, please reply me. Thank you
(Please understand my bad english ability. If you point out my mistake, I would correct pleasurably. Thank you!!)

OpenCV의 AdaBoost학습과 검출을 이용하여 정면, 45도, 90도 얼굴 그리고 회전된 얼굴을 검출합니다.각각의 뷰에 대하여 AdaBoost 알고리즘으로 학습하여 검출하였습니다.
회전된 얼굴은 정면 분류기를 이용하되 영상을 회전시켜 적용하도록 하였습니다.
도움 되시길 바라며, 좋은 의견 바랍니다.

예전에 이 소스를 잃어 버려 동영상과 같은 동작이 안될 수도 있습니다.
이 소스가 최종 소스가 아니기 때문입니다.

With Lim Sung-Jo.


  1. I need to get detect face when the faces not frontal at the cam. it's may 45 degrees left and right. how i can do that??

  2. Sorry, this source code was too old. so I am difficult to check again now.
    as my recall, I should learn heads of 2 types thoese are frontal, half.
    And detect face in origin image, 45 degree rationed image, flip image.
    then we can detection left half, right half, 45 degree, frontal face.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your effort. i am trying to customize the face detection algorithm for head detection. what changes i should make in this algorithm to get the desired functionality?

  3. can you please provide me source code.
    it would be very useful for my project.
    thank you