Open Cv with Ip Camera (AXIS)

If your Ip camera production is AXIS, download Axis media control sdk on the this web page
And Install.

Add the axis control on you dlg box.
You can make the AxisMediaControl icon by choose items(right button click on the toolbox menu)->com components tap.
And add the AxisMediaControl on you dlg.

Plase refer to below video clip description of the rest steps. It is very useful video clip.

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(TIP) afxcontrolbars.h - No such file or directory Error!

If you meet this error message "afxcontrolbars.h - No such file or directory...", while complie on the VS C++.
You can solve this problem easily by installing Visual Studio Serviece Pack 1.0.

Download appropriate language version and install.

[vs90 sp1 English]
[vs90 sp1 Korea]