When the sparse bundle adjustment(v1.6) make c++ project source using CMake (v2.8.4), Do you know Why warning message occur?

Firstly, I downloaded SBA(Sparse Bundle Adjustment v1.6) from <here>.
And I prepared CLAPACK Lib from <here>.
And My CMake version is 2.8.4.

Step 1. Directory setting

Step 2. Configuration, Fininsh(in ppoup window, after generator selecting(in my case - vs 2008)

Step 3. After Step2. I modify wrong property in the list(red color)

Step 4. Re-Configure

Step 5. Some Warning is appeared. but I do the Generation progress.

Step 6. In my target directory, project files is generated by cmake. but I can not be sure whether It made well or not?

Who can help me? Why did these warning message appear? How do I do to correct warning message? Plz give me your thought. Thank you!!


  1. Have you figured out?

  2. I didn't solve this problem.
    but the made source code had no problem to run.
    Thank you.


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