Error: "No data found. 0 train images with repeating" in LoRA Training with kohya-ss/sd-scripts.

 This is my cmd for training lora with kohya-ss/sd-scripts

python -m accelerate.commands.launch --num_cpu_threads_per_process=8 \


--enable_bucket \


--train_data_dir="/images/" \

--output_dir="models/loras" \

--logging_dir="./logs" \

--log_prefix=silostyle \

--resolution=512,512 \

--network_module=networks.lora \


And I met this error

> No data found.


   0 train images with repeating


One thing to check is folder name.

Your images and caption txt file has sub folder and the folder name should have "number_title"

correct :  /images/1_files, /images/2_files

wrong : /images/files, /images/0_files 

I am figuring out why kohya has such a rule..

Thank you.


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