OpenCV Function Test - (cvCanny, cvGoodFeaturesToTrack) / C++ source

Created Date : 2008.11
Language : C++
Tool : Visual C++ 6.0
Library & Utilized : OpenCV 1.0
Reference :  Learning OpenCV Book
etc. : -

This code is to test OpenCV functions those are cvCanny, cvGoodFeaturesToTrack.
It is simple and easy. But the method of function use is easy to forget in long time past. And It is useful to OpenCV Beginner.

You can download source <here>

If you have good idea or advanced opinion, please reply me. Thank you
(Please understand my bad english ability. If you point out my mistake, I would correct pleasurably. Thank you!!)------------------------------------------------------------

OpenCV 에 있는 cvCanny, cvGoodFeaturesToTrack 함수를 사용한 소스입니다.
결과는 위 그림과 같습니다.
이 함수를 사용하시는 분 참고하시면 빠르게 적용할 수 있을거라 생각합니다. <here>

좋은 의견 어떤 글이든 답변 남겨주세요



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