sync local dir with s3 bucket , code for Jupyter

 refer to code:


local_directory = "/path/to/your/local/directory"
s3_bucket = "your-s3-bucket-name"
s3_folder = "your-s3-folder-name"

# Sync S3 bucket folder to local directory
!aws s3 sync s3://$s3_bucket/$s3_folder $local_directory

# Sync local directory to S3 bucket folder
!aws s3 sync $local_directory s3://$s3_bucket/$s3_folder


Replace /path/to/your/local/directory, your-s3-bucket-name, and your-s3-folder-name with your specific values. The first aws s3 sync command downloads the S3 folder's contents to the local directory, and the second one uploads the local directory's contents to the S3 folder. You can use either of these commands as needed.

Note that the aws s3 sync command does not support excluding or including specific files like rsync, but it will only copy new and updated files by default.

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