t2 ec2 instance spec and price table


a table with the specs and hourly prices for T2 instances as of March 2023 in the US East (N. Virginia) region:

Instance TypevCPUsMemory (GiB)Network PerformanceBaseline PerformanceCPU Credits/hrHourly Price
t2.nano10.5Low to Moderate1 vCPU for a 1h 12m burst$0.0036$0.0058
t2.micro11.0Low to Moderate1 vCPU for a 2h 24m burst$0.0072$0.0116
t2.small12.0Low to Moderate1 vCPU for a 4h 48m burst$0.0144$0.0230
t2.medium24.0Low to Moderate2 vCPUs for a 4h 48m burst$0.0287$0.0464
t2.large28.0Low to Moderate2 vCPUs for a 7h 12m burst$0.0575$0.0928
t2.xlarge416.0Moderate4 vCPUs for a 5h 24m burst$0.1150$0.1856
t2.2xlarge832.0Moderate8 vCPUs for a 4h 4.8m burst$0.2300$0.3712

Note that the prices and specifications may vary depending on the region and other factors.



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