t3 vs c5 ec2 instance comparison spec & price table

Note: The prices mentioned are for the US East (N. Virginia) region and are subject to change. Also, keep in mind that the optimal EC2 instance type for inference may vary depending on the specific use case and workload.

EC2 Instance TypevCPUsMemory (GiB)Network Bandwidth (Gbps)Hourly Price ($)Monthly Price ($)
c5.large24Up to 100.08562.72
c5.xlarge48Up to 100.17125.44
c5.2xlarge816Up to 100.34250.88
c5.4xlarge1632Up to 100.68501.76
t3.large28Up to 50.083261.28
t3.xlarge416Up to 50.1664122.56
t3.2xlarge832Up to 50.3328245.12
t3a.large28Up to 50.07555.20
t3a.xlarge416Up to 50.15110.40
t3a.2xlarge832Up to 50.3220.80

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